Sunday, 30 September 2012

Coming up with a logo

I've been meaning to do this for a while because I've noticed I sign my work 'Donna' and brand myself 'Skriblet' like on here and on my facebook page. This needs to change, so I've been trying to come up with a logo! I've been doing various scribbles (some of them are awful, ha!) but I quite like this one....

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Important bits n pieces

We had a lesson with Johnny today in which he told us to start thinking about several things - finding a client for our first module, writing our statement of intent, what is expected of us in terms of grades and how they're broken down and also how to give ourselves an identity in terms of a logo.

One of the things he suggested was to start a new blog for the new academic year, which of course is this, which I'll be contributing to every week in reflection to each lesson and to track my progress.

The main things this week to think about are...

Client - Who? 
Since I'm looking to go into children's illustration, I'd like to find a client through a publishing agency, who could hopefully put me in touch with some authors who want some work done.

Logo and branding 
Another thing to think about is my own logo which would be seen on business cards, stationary, letter heads and as a signature under each piece of artwork I create. I already go by the name 'Skriblet' on my Facebook page, so I'll be designing a logo around this.

My Top 10 Creative Habits

(Not necessarily in order, I do all of these almost daily)

1. Collecting inspiration from blogs
2. Talking and mingling with other creative friends
3. Keeping a journal of inspirational quotes, thoughts, feelings, places I go to
4. Collecting textures, fabrics, papers and other bits n pieces
5. Taking pictures while out and about of things that catch my eye because they're fun, cool or unusual
6. Checking whats out there and what's popular in terms of children's illustration
7. Always keeping a sketchbook of random doodles, and always having a work-in-progress
8. Silence - it helps me to be creative and helps me with concentration
9. Seeking inspiration from design books and learning new techniques
10. Watching youtube tutorials and behind-the-scenes footage of concept artists

Monday, 24 September 2012

Assessing myself to find my strengths

((Ice breaker!)) This is the first blog post of the third year where I'll be working my way up to getting my degree in Creative Media and Visual Communication. Bit of a mouthful isn't it!

Monday 24th was the first official day back with our new tutors Paolo and Johnny.

Paolo's lesson consisted of various students from different pathways - i.e) New Media, Graphic Design, Photography, Film and T.V, Radio and Animation (which included myself) and after the cheesy "my name is Donna and I...yadda yadda" we were each asked to draw up a circle and split it into categories of what we feel have the most importance in our lives. These categories were:

Family, friends, loved ones (relationship)
Career and education

I found this really hard, but right away i split the circle down the middle and gave 50% of it to family, friends, loved ones and relationship. I'm a firm believer that you can have all the money in the world and the most incredible job, but if you don't have loved ones then you're as poor as they come. I gave career and education 25% but of course this would be a lot higher and it would take the other 50% but I had to fit finance and health in there somewhere! Being ambitious and having goals is very important to me - I believe it makes us better people if we work towards something in life.

After that task we took a self-assesment questionnaire to help us find our strengths. My results told me that mine are social, which I'd agree with because I like to talk, I enjoy taking part in discussions, keeping a blog and a journal for myself. I like reflection.