Thursday, 10 January 2013

I've completed my slides!

It feels great to have another thing ticked off my To Do List. This afternoon I managed to finish my PowerPoint presentation for Session 3 (mummification) that makes all three PowerPoint presentations complete.

A slide from Session 1's Intro to Egypt -

I've aimed to approach each PowerPoint presentation in a way which allows the children to engage with the topic more. I didn't want the Powerpoint to reel off fact after fact where children would have to listen in silence. Instead, I've made the presentations more interactive. For example, in this one which talks about the lives of different types of people in Ancient Egypt, I've asked the children for their thoughts by asking them questions "What kind of people lived in houses like this?" "What kind of people do you think live here?" I think this helps to break up the PowerPoint and makes it much more interesting.

My research has shown me that if children are able to engage and take part in class discussions then they are more likely to take the information in and remember it.

A slide from Session 2 - Pyramids 

This is a slide explaining how the pyramids were built. Previous to this I have asked the children how they think pyramids were made in Ancient Egyptian times without machinery to lift heavy loads. After the class discuss that, the PowerPoint then leads on to this slide where it tells them just how the Egyptians did it. 

I've taken an approach which combines visual and auditory. Visual because the information is both written and depicted visually with illustrations and auditory because I will be pointing to each step and explaining. The kinesthetic-type learning will play its part when the children engage in the activity after the presentation, which will be to build a pyramid from paper straws. 

A slide from Session 3 - Mummification

In this slide I've aimed for interactivity where children can identify and call out the names of each organ. Instead of listing them, I thought this was a much better way of making this piece of information fun and memorable. 

Action - 
  • The next step for me now is to get these three PowerPoints put onto a disc which during the next few weeks I'll be designing packaging for. This will then go inside the activity pack as one of the teaching resources. 
  • Check over and arrange lesson plans/structures so they are ready to be printed and put into the activity pack

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