Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Packaging so far...

Yesterday I got started on the packaging of my product. As well as that I also managed to complete the following...

  • Print out all worksheets onto card, ready to be trimmed (after that they're ready to be put into the activity pack)
  • Printed the majority of the documents for my research and development folder (just a few remaining which I should be able to do on Thursday since someone is kindly covering my shift at work)
  • Arranged all of the documents so far in my folder so I could see if there was anything missing

Today my time has to be managed wisely as I am working in the middle of the day until early this evening, so the only time I have available is the earlier part of this morning and this evening. Through looking at my gantt chart it would probably be best if I aim to finish the packaging tonight and work on paperwork this morning. Tonight, whilst parts of my packaging are drying, could be more of an opportunity to get paperwork done.


Cover for the Egyptian Activity Pack (in progress) I will aim to finish the rest today - the front and the inside. 

I wanted it to look like an Ancient object that had a feeling of luxury. I feel the textures provide something tempting to children which is more likely to get them drawn to the product and want to touch it and see what it is.

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